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Prince Boucher

Master of Disaster

Master of Disaster by Prince Boucher

In a not-so-distant reality, a technocratic organization called The Agency takes control of the world’s finance, technology, and government policies. FRANCIS SPARTAN is a millennial artist, organizer, and entrepreneur who has created enormous influence and value for society.

Francis reconnects with SARA SWATI, the world’s leading expert in artificial intelligence who invented and operates the world’s most sophisticated general intelligence, Ada. Despite their history, Francis is skeptical of The Agency and its power and influence around the world. Francis’ father is an executive at The Agency, but Francis rejects an offer to join the organization and instead teams up with Sara to fight against its oppressive practices.

However, Ada has determined that Francis is a national security threat and Sara must protect him while they work to reverse the policies put in place by The Agency. Along the way, they gather support and form a revolution to distract Ada and The Agency, ultimately fighting for fairness and transparency in a world controlled by technology.

As they work together, Sara and Francis fall in love and put their trust in each other. However, Sara is driven by fear of the unknown and her ego, and ultimately betrays Francis and allows Ada to kill him. Left alone, Sara is filled with regret and realizes the error of her ways. She goes rogue, taking down Ada and The Agency in an effort to redeem herself and help the revolution regain its momentum. Sara must become the hero to save the world from the terror of her own creation.