You might know me from Follow The Prince, LittleCast or Global Shapers, or even the Nextweb meetup in New York City. Possibly, many other places. You can find me barely blogging; although I'm usually curating everything inspiring, across various social networks, below on Rebel Mouse.

Otherwise, my passions exist in designing, reading books, playing tennis, watching motion pictures, sailing the jersey shore, and expressing as I am consuming. You can find my photos on Instagram, co-produced music on Soundcloud, and inspirations on Tumblr.

I was born in Hollywood and lived across Los Angeles, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York City. I've traveled around half of the United States and a couple other countries. I would like to see more.

Growing up is fun, especially while starting a lemonade stand on the corner at my grandma's in Kindergarden. I moved to New Jersey when I was 8 and started selling baseball cards, pogs, and hemp clothes at the flea market, slanging websites in middle school, to creating humorous t-shirts for high school camaraderie.

During college, I spent most of my time playing baseball, organizing social events, and running businesses out of my college dorm room; including a music studio, web design company, and a bodega. If it was not for "American Philosophy", during senior year of college, I would not have not written weird stuff, like how I think David Blaine is a modern day philosopher. It was all very fun.

Nowadays, I spend a lot of time reading and writing, with plans to publish and share my works. I'm also working on Junto, a media network. Some of my favorite reads come from Farnam Street Blog,, PandaWhale, BrainPicking and Arts & Letters Daily. Also, you can enjoy the freshest selection of music on my Hypem or Spotify playlists. Hit me up if you want to ask a question or have a conversation. Looking forward!

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Also, I've got heart.